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Magniflex Duoform Review

Magniflex Duoform Review

The Duoform by Magniflex uses heat regulating fabric designed for use in astronauts space suits! This unique material consists of a specially designed wax that melts at temperatures to allow heat to escape, but at low temperatures reforms and traps the heat in, it's genius. The fantastic level of spine support this ...

$3,199 $4,199 LEARN MORE
Magniflex Gold Mattress

Magniflex Gold Mattress

The Magniflex Gold Mattress is designed for those who enjoy the finer things in life, because well, it's made of GOLD! For the price of an average family car or a deposit on a house, you can be the proud owner of this gold laced mattress crafted by Magniflex. Ok, so it might be overkill. This exclusive mattress is ...

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