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Delivery in capital cities in 4 hours! 100 Day Trial, 15 year warranty. AfterPay & ZipPay accepted.

The Ecosa Mattress is a serious competitor in the Mattress in a Box market in Australia, and it’s a winner in our book. This high quality mattress offers sleepers all the bells and whistles of their major competition and some that the others don’t have yet.

The only let down with the Ecosa Mattress in a Box is the price is not as competitive as some of the others on the Aussie bed market but with our exclusive coupon for $200 off the Ecosa Mattress there’s no excuse not to buy!

What’s inside the Ecosa Mattress?

Ecosa mattress in a box

Ecosa married the finest materials with the most advanced technology and the result is a whole new level of sleep comfort.
Their new comfort layer is made using Open-Cell Technology. This layer contours to your body shape, cuddles your back, yet allows you to breathe and stay cool. The Eco-tex is engineered to support our pin-core holes design for an improved mattress air circulation system. It’s also our most durable layer to date – skilfully-built to exceed the quality of our premium latex layer.

Ecosa™ G-7 Memory foam, a new type of memory foam, bringing memory foam technology into a higher level.
It added gel particles which has a cooling effect that achieves the desired temperature stabilization. It evenly distributes your body weight without pushing against pressure points, prevents your body sinking into the bed too deeply.

The new chocolate-shape HD support foam provides extra breathability and observes all our body pressures. This allows zero partner disturbance and long-lasting durability. We use the highest quality of fabric to produce a beautiful mattress cover that is removable, breathable, flexible, and machine-washable.

The Ecosa mattress added a fire barrier fabric that is fire resistant and self-extinguishing. We do not use any flame retardant chemicals instead our flame retardant element is a woven silica sock that sits just under the cover. In a fire, the sock melts on itself and suffocates the oxygen needed to fuel the fire.

Our new inner cover uses German micro-filament fabric which is very breathable. Due to the extremely fine micro-filaments, it also allows 100% waterproof and protect from 99.99% of dust mites. A revolutionary inner protector made with German microfilament fabric. This removable mattress protector keeps your mattress clean after years of use.


Ecosa Mattress Video Review

Ecosa Mattress Reviews

Real reviews from customers who have purchased the Ecosa Mattress in a box.

“Great product – speedy delivery”

Great product – speedy delivery The mattress is firm but I like the fact you can adjust this. Delivery was sup quick and the process very simple. Very happy with the entire process. Will take advantage of the 100 day trial (which is also pretty cool) should it not be right for my son, however so far so good!



I did find this mattress quite firm to begin with after sleeping on a spring mattress, however, I was able to get used to it quickly. I find this mattress is very good at keeping cool. I have noticed A slight indentation on the side that I prefer to sleep on after 8 months of sleeping on it.


“A Great Nights Sleep at last!”

We were a little bit dubious about buying a mattress online and in a box no less. I ordered it late on a Saturday night and it was delivered Monday morning. We were also told that it might be a bit firm and we would need some time to get used to it, but could change the layers around to make it softer but there was no need, it was perfect from the get go. With a fifteen year warranty we feel that we have made the correct descision to purchase it.


“Best mattress ever”

I had looked for a mattress which is suitable for my body for years and Ecosa King size mattress is surely a final one because I actually felt my sleep and body very comfortable from the first night. Highly recommended.

Hau Duong
8.3 Total Score
Ecosa Mattress Review

  • Feature Packed
  • Comfortable
  • Easy to use
  • 100 day free trial
  • Price could be more competitive
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